OMG students in years 11 and 12 met in the Kellertheater on Tuesday, Feb 4, to listen to a talk given by Louise Carleton-Gertsch (Munich). The topic “All about Brexit” could hardly have been more up-to-date, with Britain’s departure from the European Union having finally become a reality on January 31st (and written exams on the topic imminent for Q12 students …). In her informative and highly entertaining talk, which included many facts, statistics, visuals and soundbites, Mrs Carleton-Gertsch, a well-known author, editor and co-editor of numerous English schoolbooks, gave a comprehensive overview of the events leading to Brexit and outlined the issues and reasons from a Brit’s perspective with a special focus on its meaning for young people in Britain and Europe. After the talk the students had many questions, and Mrs Carleton-Gertsch showed herself impressed how knowledgeable, well-informed and well-spoken the students presented themselves on the occasion. Teachers and students agreed that it might be a good idea to have more of these talks in the future.
(Stephan Frank)

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